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Naughty Tree

Now I have signed up with the Scotts people and have a tree trimmer coming to give me a free estimate on Mon. That cherry blossom is WAY too big and messy, and the "juniper" is growing sort of sideways. I'm hoping they can shape it into like a candle flame shape--one that points up, not sideways. My neighbor will love me this year. That cherry blossom leaves quite the awful mess in her yard every year. Luis whacked all the crap down from the other neighbors overgrowth yesterday (with a machete), so there's now some space between the neighbor's foliage and my house, which is good. I took care of some of the ivy...what a freakin' mess! I'm going to pull everything out of one of the terraces and put in veggies. I'm also going to prune the crap out of those blueberries. I didn't even pick ONE last year, so I don't need millions of them.
My day is going to be spent doing some damage control around the house, laundry, etc., and then I have to work. I need to get some primer, so I can start painting her furniture. I always seem to have way too much to do...this could be because I have become the kind of person who doesn't do what they say they're going to do. I don't like this new development. I never seem to make any improvements in myself, but time and age are constantly tearing away at me, so I should be trying twice as hard. The future doesn't look too good for me if I don't get a handle on the now!

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