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Wilson's Syndrome

Okay, I lied.
I said I wouldn't do this, but I just have to mention that I figured out what is wrong with me. It's called Wilson's Syndrome. It's pretty much exactly like hypothyroid, but not. That's why the thyroid test was "normal".

Every symptom I have, including the really stupid and strange ones, are caused by my body temp always being around 97:

Unexplained weight gain
Muscle pain and cramps
flushed skin
Not sweating (the only one I like)
Water Retention
Poor Concentration
Cold, purple hands and feet
Hair Loss
Loss of coordination

Ever since I had the baby I have been going to the Dr. and saying, "I don't feel right," and, "I don't feel like myself," and, "I have some more freaky symptoms." The Dr. actually told me that no one medical condition encompassed all of my symptoms. I think by now he just thinks I'm a whiny, fat hypochondriac, because that's how he treats me. I feel like screaming, because at least in '07 I looked like myself. My face has been so swollen (water?) that it seems two dimensional. My nose practically doesn't protrude.
I've always had pretty bad PMS, but only for one week per month and then everything was great. Lately I've had one day a month where I feel pretty good. I look normal, because I'm not retaining water. One is not enough.

I have been treated for:


Nothing ever helped me at all. Every year I just get worse and worse. I read that this can lead to auto-immune disorders--which I tested positive for, so it's possible that all the time I've wasted with this doctor has lead to a permanent health condition. I hope not.

Wilson's is basically like your body in survival mode or sort of like hypothermia. It's a temporary reaction to stress, environment, diet, etc. It's meant to keep you alive in bad times. All non-essential processes are slowed or stopped, which is why it makes you feel stupid, slow, uncoordinated, clumsy, confused, etc. Your brain isn't working that well.

I also read that a one degree drop in body temp slows your metabolic rate by up to 20%--this explains the weight gain, fatigue, depression, etc.

So, what I am doing now is trying to permanently raise my body temp and make all of these symptoms disappear. Apparently this is possible. I'm taking:

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Cod Liver

I'm taking some of these three times per day, and I'm taking my temp multiple times throughout the day. I need to constantly monitor my temp to make sure that I'm keeping it higher than 97. I've already gotten it .2 degrees higher, and I only started yesterday. I'm still not up to 98, but I plan to get there!
The worst part is that my temp's been this low for years and even my doctor knew it. I just don't know why that in itself didn't send up any red flags. This feels exactly like when I had to diagnose my daughter with Autism. Why am I doing all of the detective and diagnostic work? And why am I not driving a BMW? This is such bullshit. We pay for this kind of crappy medical care (what care????). It's frustrating.
I'm just going to go find a new Doctor, and try to take care of myself. I have a lot to learn about biofeedback...

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